An overview of our Health and Safety Policy.

Accidents can kill, injure and disfigure and they cost all of us money and restrict our work and social lives. Our key aim is to eliminate work related accidents and ill health and avoid these consequences.

Residential & Commercial (Sheffield)

Everyone working for Castle Construction, whether employees or sub contractors is responsible for Health and Safety. Each of us must do everything possible to work safely and prevent incidents involving injury, ill health and near misses to ourselves, our colleagues and anyone else who may be affected by our work activities.

We all have a duty to work in a safe and healthy way at all times. .

Our Health & Safety Handbook is over 100 pages long and it details Castle Construction Buildings Ltd's Health and Safety Policy, our health and safety aims and objectives along with employee/sub contractor employee responsibilities and our health and safety rules and procedures.

The Handbook's purpose is to:

  • Make you aware of our policy, rules and procedures
  • Help you work safely
  • Help you watch out for the safety of others
  • Make our work sites and offices safer places to work at by identifying hazards, assessing risks and by using appropriate workplace precautions to eliminate/reduce risk and therefore prevent injury and ill health.

The Handbook is intended to be used in conjunction with the site rules in operation at any site or place that we or our sub contractors may work at and which are laid down by the main contractor for the site.

If, after reading our handbook, you require further clarification on any aspect of it, please consult a Castle Construction Safety Advisor. If he is unavailable, ring our Head Office on 01246 281967 where someone will be available to take your call.

Stephen Botham


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